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fully on-chain sci-fi WORLD

Humanity has doomed itself and the planet due to unchecked greed.

From the ashes, a new species of Underlings set out to explore and conquer the system.

Will they make the same mistakes as the humans before them?

You decide.

The incredible beauty of Jupiter's atmosphere. Jovian Close Encounter. Jupiter's surface. Elements of image furnished by NASA


The underverse

We're working hard to bring a first playable prototype for 'The UnderVerse' MMORTS by early 2023.

Participate in our playtests to:

+ Try out gameplay for free

+ Give feedback and input on the game

+ Get on the allowlist for upcoming mints

Persistent Universe

Player Driven Economies

Scalable Multiplayer

Player Asset Ownership

why be

fully on-chain?

Infinitely Scalable & Extensible

Emergent Canonical Metagame

Stars in the Universe

next milestones

Continued Game


With Community

Mod Support

UnderVerse Module Alpha

March 2023

Beta With Expanded Gameplay May 2023

Genesis Mint

April 2023

Public Playtests April 2023

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Write your story in the stars

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